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Why Join?

If you’re like us and like most homeschooling parents, you probably scour all of the internet for resources, facebook, instagram, pinterest, etc., etc. If you’re like most of us you have 2, 5, 10, 20+ homeschool pages and groups you’re a part of on facebook. Well, we decided to put it ALL into 1 large networking community. With Slack, we have the power to create a limitless amount of channels for homeschooling/activities/lessons/play dates/promotions/local events/church groups/etc/etc/etc.

Join us today by simply submitting your email and become a part of this valuable homeschooling resource today!

How to download Slack

Go to https://slack.com/downloads, and choose your option for either Windows, Mac, iOS, Android or Windows Phone.

Login at homeschoolgroup.slack.com and enter your registered email and registered password.

Now you have all of your homeschooling events and alerts all in 1 central location.